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Hardbutton remote ( 2 ) (28)
Zipato Zipabox & Zipatile intergration (2)
Roon (4)
Ability to "Hide" Homekit devices (2)
Vizio P Series Displays (12)
Activity Tiles For Lights, Shades, etc.. (2)
Add popup activites to Action Panel Dropdown list? (1)
Hiding Double devices entries from homekit and direct device control. (4)
HTD MCA-66 Multi-Zone Controller/Amplifier (15)
Request :Theta Casablanca IV Receiver Support in Simple Control (1)
Netflix control and guides (7)
Higher end Pioneer Elite receivers (7)
New volume data format for multizone amp (2)
Alexa (6)
Integra Receivers Missing TV input (2)
Play Music Services directly from Sonos Guide (1)
Desktop App (11)
Android as a client control only (1)
Daikin airconditioners (2)
TV Station Sort (1)
HTD Lync Support (3)
Brazil TV Guide (2)
Fusion Research Music servers and Movie Servers (1)
Bluesound Driver (2)
Allow rename of location without multihome (1)
ISY: Allow Variables as triggers (3)
Simple Hub LUA HTTP command (2)
Integrate with Airplay 2 and HomePod (2)
Send commands to simple control from indigo (4)
Roku (2)