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Android as a client control only (1)
Daikin airconditioners (2)
TV Station Sort (1)
HTD Lync Support (3)
Brazil TV Guide (2)
Fusion Research Music servers and Movie Servers (1)
Bluesound Driver (2)
Allow rename of location without multihome (1)
ISY: Allow Variables as triggers (3)
Simple Hub LUA HTTP command (2)
Integrate with Airplay 2 and HomePod (2)
Send commands to simple control from indigo (4)
Roku (2)
Future support for Leviton WiFi switches? (2)
Raspberry Pi Hub App (3)
QNAP NAS IP Control for Kodi (1)
Sunrise / sunset time trigger (1)
Add switches as triggers (1)
Hunter Douglas Powerview (1)
Add Room Selection to URL Scheme (1)
Allow Dropbox backup when "shared" is hub pairing status (3)
Dialog box (1)
Classe Sigma SSP IP control (1)
Silently switch to activity based on two-way communication (5)
SKybell HD (or Ring) (1)
Add Button Template for common controls (1)
Ability to edit multiple elements in Remote Design (1)
Alexa Skill for Germany (1)
Air Video HD (1)
Feature Request DTS-PlayFI (2)