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Commands to close Samsung Smart Apps?

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Commands to close Samsung Smart Apps?

Post by seth4700 » Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:59 am

Hi all,
I'm new to simple control, but slowly figuring it out.

I have a new Samsung (UN65JS8500FXZA) and I've got it connected to Simple Control, and it works well with my tivo.

This series of Samsung TVs has what I believe is a Tizen-powered smarthub where you can run apps like Netflix. I have set up Simple Control to load an app by using the +DIAL APP LAUNCH command and guessing what parameter to use (eg. "Netflix" or "Amazon"), but for some reason the +DIAL APP CLOSE command doesn't seem to close the app. Has anyone figured out a command to close the app? I have Netflix and Tivo set up as activities, and I want to a way to switch out of the Netflix app to live TV simply by clicking on TV (in other words a stop command that exits the app, which then allows the live TV to appear, since the input HDMI1 hasn't changed) but I haven't had any luck. Doing a series of key commands doesn't seem that helpful, unless I'm missing something, since it's dependent on where in the Netflix app you are (ie. from the main menu, clicking 'return' brings up the exit menu, but from a movie clicking 'return' just goes to main menu).

Thanks for any advice,

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Re: Commands to close Samsung Smart Apps?

Post by phunt1346 » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:01 am

No such luck. You are right. The close doesn't work and trying a bunch of commands is based upon context in netflix

I think I got around it by forcing 'SmartHub' or 'Internet' or maybe both from an OLD 2013 or so Samsung remote. One of those is different from the current remote function and the new set accepts it and puts you back to live tv.

I feel your pain. I'll look at my commands tonight when I get home

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Re: Commands to close Samsung Smart Apps?

Post by Will Price » Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:25 pm

DIAL as a protocol is implemented in wildly different ways by every manufacturer. It's sort of a wonder it works at all and I'm glad we don't actually depend on it for anything that isn't cursory. There are several efforts to replace it such as Amazon Fling and Googlecast, but neither of those have caught on in any broad sense yet.

Meanwhile, I can't say I've ever seen DIAL app close work, it's just part of the protocol that we provide in case someone implements it.

Super cool conceptually, but somewhat difficult to use in practice is the +DIAL APP PLAY command. If you give that a parameter of the Netflix content ID, most DIAL supporting TVs will play that content. For instance, 70297087 is the movie Chef.

Definitely the best way to close an app is to use the TV controls rather than DIAL. Most likely DIAL will disappear over time and get replaced by something else.

Thank you.

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Re: Commands to close Samsung Smart Apps?

Post by phunt1346 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:52 am

Ok, if you look at the new samsung remote, there actually is a return and exit button (same button short or long push)

The exit and return commands are in the library.

If you hit EXIT 3 times, I see I am guaranteed to go back to live tv
MAKE sure you put at least a 300ms delay between each EXIT.

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Re: Commands to close Samsung Smart Apps?

Post by pmercia8192 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:21 pm

Would you happen to know what the parameter is for Plex?

I've tried "Plex", "Plexapp", "Plextv" etc with no luck.

I'm trying to launch Plex on a FireTV 2nd Gen


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Re: Commands to close Samsung Smart Apps?

Post by rhindeleh77348 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:10 am

I successfully launched plex using the +DIAL APP LAUNCH command, parameter Plex.

Samsung UN60H7100

Success Thus Far:
Netflix = Netflix
Amazon Instant Video = Amazon
Plex = Plex

Unsuccessful Thus Far:
HBO GO tried HBO GO, HBOGO, HBO, Hbogo, Hbo go

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