2018 Panasonic TV IP control


Hello there,
It appears at least some of the 2018 Panasonic TVs have a new IP protocol. I have the TX-65FZ802b OLED screen and the current IP device on longer works. Adding a device recognises the TV and will configure, however, it won’t actually successfully control the device. It appears that connecting to the TV now requires a PIN, which I confirmed by downloading the official Panasonic TV app and it required a ‘pairing’ step when first started (the TV automatically broadcast the pin to input into the APP).

Therefore, please add this new protocol to the device list.


What country is that in? I can’t recall seeing a Panasonic TV here in the US in many years which is why we don’t list them as supported. I’m guessing that if it is OLED, they are probably just repackaging an LG OLED. It’s possible if you added it as LG WebOS, perhaps that would work as certainly we handle all the appropriate pairing there. Regardless, these don’t exist in the US market, so we have no information on it. Sounds like a rebrand.


UK. These screens and a very large range of LCDs and OLEDs are available throughout Europe, Asia and most of the rest of the world. Panasonic are still a very large player in TVs, just not in the US and I believe it is only about 3 years ago they pulled out of that market.
You are right that these TVs use LG panels, just like Sony, Philips and every other manufacturer that makes OLEDs, but beyond that they use different chassis and electronics. Panasonic use their own OS and has no relation to LG’s. These are most definitely not LG clones.
The general menu system and OS have remained based around the same system for several years now, and the IR codes and IP commands the same for many years. The IR codes are confirmed to work, and it would appear that Panasonic have introduced a pairing step for IP for some reason. They are control4 certified and there is a setting in the menu to enable this protocol - sure that doesn’t help, but thought I’d mention it.


In any case, the point is we need to have one in order for it to be supported, and getting one in the US is not currently possible.