Lutron pico triggers?


How do I get the Lutron pico to trigger actions in simple control?

I have a caseta bridge, pico audio remote, Apple TV (gen 4) and a Sonos connect. I currently have the pico directly controlling the Sonos connect via the caseta hub, and I added the caseta hub to HomeKit. But, I want to also trigger actions with my shiny bow audio matrix when buttons are pressed on the pico. I set up simple control hub on my Apple TV to sync with HomeKit, but still not dice with the pico showing up in simple control.

Do I need to buy a Lutron dimmer or something for each pico, so a device will show up in HomeKit (and thus simple control)? If so, can I circumvent this by buying the caseta pro or ra2? I have 12+ zones that I’m eventually setting up with simple control, so ideally I’m not buying a bunch of unnecessary Lutron hardware for each zone beyond the pico itself.