PS4 IP control?


While I’d love proper IP control, there is a workable alternative in the meantime. Both the PS4 and later models of the PS3 support HDMI CEC. This means if you’re using a compatible AV amp or TV you can send IP commands to the TV and they’ll be passed onto the console. In my case I’m using a Sony Bravia, but it should work with other TVs as well. You need to make sure it’s enabled first. On the PS4, the relevant setting is in the Settings =>System under ‘Enable HDMI device link’.

The main limitations are that you can’t as far as I’m aware power the PS4 on this way, but o. nce you’ve got it switched on I’ve found it works rather well. I’ve used it in the main menu, store, Amazon and Now TV apps. It should also work fine for disc playback. Precise functionality varies between apps. For example, in the Amazon app the FF and Rew buttons do nothing and you have to use the directional controls to select fast forward and rewind. In the Now TV app, FF, Rew and pause work as expected, but Play doesn’t and you have to press pause again to resume.

Anyway, hope that’s helpful for some people.


Hey all,

I too have a PS4 and wish dearly that Roomie could control it.

So I did something about it.

If you have a Raspberry Pi hooked up to your TV or amplifier, you can use it as a CEC “bridge” that Roomie can talk to. I build out a Plist already that will give you close to native control support of your PS4. It even will let you eject discs from Roomie! Sadly, theres no feedback currently, but i’m working on it.

More info here


Just subscribing to this thread and hoping to hear some updates on the PS4


PS4 is the only device i have in my home that does not have any kind of support in roomie, fingers crossed some reverse ip engineering could be done. I wouldnt bank on sony ever releasing anything.

Its also to bad this was not in the request forum and instead in here, given how popular the ps4 is and how well its selling, it wouldnt surprise me if it would have the most plus 1’s in the request forum quite easily.


Yes, correct… +1^(half roomie customer base)


Hey everyone, is there any information on any of the apps for PlayStation 4? The PS4 Second Screen app is supposed to be able to control the PS4. Hoping to launch that app from Simple Control… Anyone have the URL for that app?