Selecting Hardware for Simple Hub


I’m trying to build-up my Simple Control system, but I’m trying to keep initial costs down.

Am I correct it assuming that these devices I own are excluded from consideration (since Simple Control Home can’t be left running exclusively and in the Foreground on these)?

  1. iPad-Pro 9.7" - Stays in Living Room, but is often used to run Apps other than Simple Control Home (ie, gaming, web surfing, Notes, etc.)

  2. Apple-TV4 - We often run various Apps, including games that seem to take all available resources.

  3. Mac-Mini (2012) - Could be left on 24/7, but I sometimes reboot it to native Windows-10 64bit with Boot-Camp.

But at the same time, I don’t want to limit myself.
Is there a configuration matrix or chart that shows the available features for Simple Hub when it’s running on each of the available hardware devices? Also, my final Simple Hub setup will have to be able to get to Simple-Control-5 (and therefore iOS-11 ?).

Is my old iPhone-5 (erased and sitting in drawer currently) my only option? I think it could just be running Simple Control Home (v4.5 or v5) on it in exclusive Guided-Mode, and just lay it next to the router. Oh, wait. This says no iOS-11 for iPhone-5. … od-models/

I wonder why that is? It’s 64bit and seems to have plenty of horse-power.

Am I going to be able to squeak-by (at least for a year or so) or is Simple Control v5 going to require iOS-11 or higher? What would you do on a budget?

For me, Home Automation funds are limited. I was hoping to next buy some HA-compatible lighting and a Amazon Echo (for voice control). Also, wanted to pick a general open and versatile platform while HomeKit builds-out (like maybe SmartThings ?).


iOS 11 as a base for SC5 is very likely, so I would not recommend the iPhone 5.

Also, SC5 has many new features, some of which benefit greatly from increased processing power (such as transcoding your video cameras for remote viewing over lower bandwidth connections), HomeKit support (requiring iOS or tvOS), and many more. So you will not want to use a dead end device.

If you really want to keep costs down, get a new AppleTV 4 (or much better, an AppleTV 4K) to use as a dedicated device and then don’t let anybody use that device. It’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s reliable.

Thank you.


iPhone-5 is only 32bit, so that’s why it got axed off the end of the list: … he-ipad-4/

OK, thanks for the advice (exactly what I was looking for). Good info about Simple-Hub system requirements for HomeKit support (because I want that too).

I will try to free-up an iPhone-5s or iPhone6-Plus (I think one of us is getting an iPhone-8 for Christmas). Or, maybe even pick-up a new AppleTV-4K (only for the extra processing power, my plasma-TV and projector are 1080p) and make the old AppleTV(2015) a dedicated Simple Control Hub.


Just wanted to say thanks for developing “Simple Hub for Mac”. Very nice work and it’s working fine:

Running Simple Hub v4.5.11 (1304) on macOS Sierra (v10.12.6)
The MacMini(Late 2012) is connected to LAN with ethernet wire (WiFi is disabled).

Hopefully I can get another Apple-TV (Gen 4 or higher) or maybe another Mac soon. However, I picked-up an Amazon Echo Dot and needed to do something else in the mid-term. Glad I did because I got some exposure to this awesome program.

Do you plan on keep developing it for both platforms (macOS and tvOS)?
Will the 5.x version of “Simple Hub for Mac” ever do HomeKit, or it that only the AppleTV/tvOS version?
Do you think the macOS version will ever do cameras?

The only problem I see with using an AppleTV is that there is no way (that I know of) to remotely-admin-control-it (like with VNC). Well, that and lack of even limited Multi-Tasking ability (obviously). And while I currently run my Kodi on a Windows-box, it’s nice to have the option to run it on the Simple-Hub Mac instead (concurrently).


I was a little surprised Apple didn’t add HomeKit to macOS this year. I assume it’s due to the lack of a secure enclave on most Macs. In any case, I would consider macOS a long-term platform for us that I don’t see going away. But certainly, lack of HomeKit will be increasingly an issue for some there. Apple will probably add HomeKit there eventually.

I think “most people” should be dedicating an iPad to be Simple Hub – the same iPad already dedicated as the controller for the Living Room is the classic use case there.

While macOS has reasonable video acceleration, iOS blows it out of the water. Our ability to transcode video cameras remotely or many other video processing related tasks is much better on iOS. It’s really the sweet spot right now. Apple TV 4K now is comparable to recent model iOS devices, quite good. Original Apple TV 4 can start chugging along after just 2-3 cameras at a time. A top end iPad Pro 12 can easily handle 10 cameras streaming simultaneously.

So, really, just to re-iterate, we recommend dedicating an iOS device that was probably already going to be dedicated anyway.

Thank you.