Ring Doorbell Support


I was wondering if Simple Control is going to support Ring doorbell and camera streaming?



It looks possible to do this in an unofficial way. Seems like a good thing to add. It’s all a matter of prioritization based on user interest. Clicking like on the OP or replying here is one good way to express that.


Please add.



If possible please add support for regular ring cameras as well. (not just the doorbell camera)


I would also love this feature for all Ring camera types. New Ring Stick-Up Cam is great, PoE and everything.


Will be amazing


Just to make sure people reading this thread aren’t confused: Basic support for showing the last Ring doorcam clip was part of 5.7 and is live now.


Thank You, yes, just added the Ring Service to Simple Control for “Last Ring Doorcam Clip” … Highly interested in expanded support and Thanks in advance!