Simple Hub plugin for HomeBridge


Would it be possible to create a HomeBridge ( plugin for Simple Hub for Mac? Thus, allowing Simple Hub for Mac to be able to execute functions from HomeKit.


HomeBridge is an ugly mess. Once you inject that thing into your HomeKit, it’s all downhill from there and you lose a lot of the benefits of HomeKit. We won’t be trying to hack anything like that together.

Also, we’re probably less than 60 days away from a proper solution to that problem with HomeKit for macOS. So the time spent on HomeBridge would have been wasted.

The rumor mill also suggests that not only will HomeKit for macOS arrive, but iOS apps will be given a way to run on macOS. So at that point there is a possibility we’d kill the macOS product because the entire iOS product might run on macOS which would be really awesome.

Anyway, both of them are rumors, but much more credible and stable paths that an ugly hack based on HomeBridge which I would not feel good about encouraging anybody to use.